The 2024 Special Assessment Payment Schedule is as follows:

  • $1,047 overdue since March 15th
  • $1,047 overdue since April 15th
  • $1,047 overdue since May 15th
  • $1,047 overdue since June 15th
  • $550 due by July 15th
  • $550 due by August 15th
  • $361.50 due by September 15th
  • $361.50 due by October 15th
  • $361.50 due by November 15th
  • $361.50 due by December 15th

Note: This is not inclusive of the $214 monthly maintainance dues which would still be due separately each month.

The total amount in Special Assessment payments due per unit is $6,734.50.

If you are past due, please make a payment promptly to bring yourself up to date to prevent further penalties.

If you have questions, please reach out via email at